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 The Rules of Roleplay

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PostSubject: The Rules of Roleplay   The Rules of Roleplay Icon_minitimeSat Jul 19, 2014 9:25 pm

Let's start with the basics, shall we? There are simple rules for one to follow when roleplaying, and here they are:

  • Number 1: Do not godmod.
    Now, you may be asking: What is godmodding? There are several aspects of it, but the major point of it is having an overpowered character. "Bunnying" is another term used in godmodding--controlling another person's character.
  • Number 2: Make a believeable character.
    There's many things that make a character believeable. Appearance-wise, there isn't much you can do wrong, besides saying they're the most beautiful character ever. Backstory helps with making a good character. Make a good backstory to explain why the person is the way they are, and you'll do fine. Powers, however, are easy. Little things like talking to animals can't go wrong. Manipulating weather can be iffy, but good if done right. Psychic powers present a problem for most people--mind-reading is generally a "no". An example of a bad character is a Mary Sue. Mary Sue characters tend to have unrealistic powers, along with other things. Pyschic powers, powerful abilities, mind control, a perfect normal life--these things do not make for a good roleplay or a good character.
  • Number 3: Have good grammar.
    I understand some people have problems with the English language--but that's no excuse for leaving out major details and posting a ten word sentence with the intent of crossing it off as okay. A misspelled word now and again is okay, but you never roleplay in "txt" speech.

The Difference Between Detailed and Quick Roleplay
Now, there is quite a difference between a roleplay that is detailed and one that is quick. Detailed roleplays tend to have much longer stories, and each post is a good paragraph of details and such. Quick roleplays end in less time and the replies are usually shorter, many times being one-line sentences. If you are in a detailed roleplay, it's best not to RP like you're in a quick roleplay.

The Rules of Roleplay 1oN35WD
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The Rules of Roleplay
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