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 Official Forum Rules

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PostSubject: Official Forum Rules   Official Forum Rules Icon_minitimeTue Jul 15, 2014 11:28 pm

  • No flaming other members. Flaming or bullying other members will result in a warning. Continuing will result in a ban.
  • Don't purposely annoy other members. While joking around is okay, causing someone to make a complaint to the staff because you're acting childish will not be tolerated.
  • Do not disrespect the views of others. We are all entitled to our opinions. While some joking is allowed, antagonizing a member for their political, religious, or other views is not allowed and you will be temporary banned. A second offense will result in a permanent ban.
  • There is to be no SPAM. If you spam, you will receive a verbal warning on the first offense. Second offense earns you an actual warning. If you continue to spam, you will be temporarily banned.
  • Do not cause drama. While the staff understands that we all have our bad days, no one is to cause drama in the forum.
  • Quality posts are expected. The occasional "lol" is fine, but constantly posting in txt speak will result in a warning. Continuing after being warned to stop will result in a temporary ban.
  • Trolling is unacceptable. Trolls will be immediately banned without notice. The staff will not put up with trolling.
  • No sexual content. This is a kid friendly forum, and they do not need to be seeing that.
  • Some curse words are allowed. Minor curse words are allowed as long as they are not used in excess. However, no one is to say anything suck as the F word.
  • Do not bump your thread within 48 hours. Because, it's not needed.
  • Do not try to report someone for something off-forum. The drama was there, not here, and you will be warned for doing so. Do it again and you'll be banned. We don't need the drama on here.
  • Avatars and signatures have size limits: Avatars can only be as big as 150 x 150, and signatures 600 x 200. A first offense is a verbal warning. You'll be given actual warnings following that.
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Official Forum Rules
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